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“Arktika” could become museum

“Arktika” could become museum

Some interesting news published in Barentsobserver during this week related to our project. Icebreaker “Arktika” is possibly the next Russian Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker to become a museum. There are now discussions on what to do with the commissioned icebreaker. Either turn it into scrap or make it into a museum/visitor centre. What makes “Artktika” interesting among many other thins is that it was the first icebreaker to reach the North Pole. Let us hope it will become a tourist attraction. The ICE project paves the way for future icebreakers becoming museum and visitors centers. 

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Great National Geographic video related to Icebreakers

This National Geographic video covers the history of icebreaking and icebreaker technology. It takes the viewer on a journey on one of the most advanced oil tankers built to function in the Arctic ocean. The video gives a good overview of the current icebreaking technology.
I really recommend to watch this video!

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Russia’s next nuclear icebreaker, “Project 22220”

The ‘Project 22220’ is a perspective for the new generation of Russian multipurpose atomic icebreaker to be built in the near future. The ships are planned to be powered by the new ‘RITM-200’ reactors and will feature a number of new features compared to the current atomic icebreaking fleet. For e.g. they will be able to operate both in large Siberian rivers and in the Arctic Ocean.

Video only in Russian, but it gives a good overview of the next icebreakers to be built in Russia.

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